Craig has a fully equipped and diverse recording studio and records for many projects all over the world; From Roland videos to record companies and from small independent labels to projects that need drums for TV or film. He has a range of over 20 set ups to chose from to get the perfect sound for the album every time.

If you would like Craig on your album, EP or single no matter where you are in the world then get in touch. Ouside the Progresive genre of which he's made his reputation, he also composes music for TV, Radio, online magazines and websites for many clients including The BBC, The Gadget Show, Jaguar, TalkSport, KPMG, CocaCola, Shell and many others.

In 2017 Craig's studio tracked for 37 different projects and in 2019 Craig recorded on 17 albums and has full backing and support from Sennheiser, Neumann, Roland and Focusrite. For more information please use the contact page.


Kick: Sennheiser e901 inside and e902 outside Neumann TLM 107 (various vintage mics as options)

Snares: Sennheiser e905, MD441u, 8040 on tops and Sennheiser 8040 or Neumann KM184 on the bottom, e914 top end attack/shell

Toms: Sennheiser 421MK2 or e609 for location recordings

Overheads: Neuman U87s/Neumann KM184

Hi-Hats: Sennheiser 8040 mzx8000 / Sennheiser e914/Neuman TLM193 KM184

Room mics front: Sennheiser 8040 mzx8000

Room mics Rear: Neumann TLM107

Gong Drum: Neumann TLM 107

Vocal: Sennheiser MK4, Neumann TLM193

Monitors: Neumann KH310

Interfaces: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, 2 x Clarett Octopre

DAW: Ableton Live, Logic Pro X & Protools

MISC: Roland Jupiter 80, Roland Integra, Dave Smith Mopho, Roland TR78 drum machine, Roland TB3, Roland TR8 drum machine ,Roland VT3 vocoder, Roland D2 beat maker, Roland TD50Kxfull drum kit,  Roland System 1 Synth, Boss GT-100 Guitar FX, Roland Integra 7, RolandTR-09, Roland Vocoder VP-03, Boss RC 505 loop station, Roland Cables and Accessories

Drums, Cymbals and Heads: A vast collection of modern, rare, vintage and unique drums, large range of cymbals and percussion that can span a huge variety of genres