CB's Worldwide Weekend Masterclasses

“So much content with so many unique play-along tracks to keep you motivated and inspired... Easy exercises, at first glance, but taking you deeper than you ever thought possible, and all to help you become a better drummer and musician. Craig makes it fun and easy to understand, and if you have a question, he goes out of his way to explain it clearly.” Dusty Miller. 63. Launceston, Cornwall

 Details of the next installment will be announced in mid November


I always had a big task on my career "to do" list that I wanted to produce one of the world's most advanced, unique and immersive learning experiences. I wanted to build one of the most supportive and friendly Drumming communities where no-one was judged and everyone was welcomed and in April last year I set about trying to make it happen. After years of planning and preparation the CBWWM was born, an interactive fun learning experience like no other. My goal was to compose every single challenge to music and give the participants challenges that they can use for the rest of their years, it's evolved to be so much more. The participants ability continues to grow and friendships all over the world have been forged. There are regular hangs online, there is a private group where people can share their progress, ask questions or just be silent! there is no pressure, it even had its own merch!  What started off as a teaser to see if I could do it is now embarking on it's fourth season with the production levels and material gone up another level.


Firstly, there is NO pressure and you are NOT on Camera! 48 hours after booking your place you will receive an email with instructions and the links for the classes. There are 2 classes on a Sunday. One at 9am and one at 3pm, you can attend both. The classes will run for approximately two hours. I will be using ground-breaking audio and visual technology to give you a fully immersive experience in the comfort of your own home or rehearsal room. There is a chat box on the side of the room that you can participate on if you wish. There streaming studio is set into zones. The Kit Zone, Hands Zone and Education Zone, the latter consists of white boards where your challenges are written on. Instead of practicing to click, the challenges are completely composed to music every week that will help you out in terms of notation and rhythmic reading, it is completely bespoke for you and original every week. At the end of every session I will set you a playing challenge, It could be an original composition, It could be a remix, but it is always a test and always fun. After the PM session is completed you will receive a download link which will include all the music and all the transcriptions. You can also download the live stream to watch at your convenience again for reference. You can join at anytime during a season and you will be made to feel very welcome by THE most friendly drum community on the planet

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"This weeks theme, content, challenges and play-along's are always a long term plan to help you progress and to get you sitting that bit taller when its time to play and ultimately extending the vocabulary and building confidence. Season 4 Episode 10 will be "Finals Week" a series of time, groove and counting challenges to set you up for a lifetime of great and comfortable confident drumming. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT TOOK PART!!


I've purposely kept the cost at a minimum so everyone can join the classes. The cost of entry to each masterclass is just £10.00 via the PayPal button at the top of this page.  You will then receive a confirmation email containing a web link and a password within 48 hours of your payment being received. Please make sure the email address in your PayPal is active to receive the access codes for the session

I MUST thank Roland, Sennheiser, Mapex and Paiste for providing these incredible tools currently that enable to enhance my creativity to piece together this unique concept during these challenging times.

If you’d like to join myself and many others this weekend and fancy a couple of hours of fun behind a kit or practice pad, no matter where you are in the world or where you see yourself on the playing spectrum, then please do come and check it out, I look forward to seeing you, please stay safe.



I'm using this technology stated above into my private tuition and taking bookings on the dates and timings below for all levels. The material is always a work in progress and not always a quick fix. I push my students pretty hard and set them material based on their long term goals. I also pride myself on great tea making skills but I'll write you an IOU for that until we're allowed in the same room..

If you would like to reserve a space then click the email below with a subject title "Private Tuition". When a space is fully reserved, it will be marked in the timings above, places will be on a first come first served basis.

Due to the current worldwide situation I have reduced my prices for 1-2-1 lessons to £40 per hour and £70 for a two hour lesson I have also changed my flexibility in my bookings allowing simply for an AM or PM. Thankfully I have some recording and programming commitments but I will work around you

To enquire or book a lesson please email


Not currently teaching in person but 1-2-1 over the internet...  

Please contact directly for timing's and availability




“Whatever your level Craig’s enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, skill and support is amazing. I’m simply a hobbyist drummer but what I have got out these classes during these difficult times for the price of a coffee is nothing short of amazing. Each lesson is supported with the files from the live session which you can take away for life to develop at your own time and ability.” Nicholas Pearce, 56, Colchester