TUITION and Worldwide Weekend Masterclasses


Worldwide weekend masterclasses and 1-2-1 tuition SEASON 2 Now on!


After months of planning and preparation, I was delighted to be able to launch my Worldwide Weekend Masterclasses. Season one was 21 classes which was just incredible. Back in March after a LOT of planning I started a project with the view that hopefully I could educate and inspire a few drummers around the world. I wanted to offer up an experience that was unrivaled in terms of technology, cameras and interaction and content. The launch on the 11th April was so much fun. A huge thank you to all of you around the world for taking part and who continue to do so, its hugely appreciated, It has been extremely inspiring hearing you all participating and watching the progress in the group. The sense of "drum community" is clearly there for all to see with your valued input and enthusiasm. Its now going into Season 2 and I still plan to run two classes each Sunday (both roughly the same) So no matter where you are in the world, there will be a time to suit you.

Season 2 - Masterclass 4 BOOKINGS NOW OPEN !!

  • Masterclass 1) 10am - 12pm
  • Masterclass 2) 4pm - 6pm

"This weeks theme, content, challenges and play-along's are all based around "The Lazy Left"


Over the two hours I will be using ground-breaking audio and visual technology to give you a fully immersive experience. I've taken time and care to mix everything from a snare to a wireless microphone to give you the best audio experience at home or in your practice room. In the masterclass I will be performing tracks, breaking parts down and sharing my knowledge as well as having fun and interacting with you all. I will be using multiple camera angles in real time that will allow you to see all aspects of my performance.

Behind me there will be whiteboards that I will be using to teach and explain my concepts. There will be a camera fixed on these whiteboards, allowing you to take screen-grabs as and when I write notation or ideas. You will also be set challenges and most weeks a backing track written specifically for you will be demonstrated with the challenge and set to you after the session along with PDF's of various transcriptions you've been working on in the session

I will be setting you various challenges using clicks and loops and bespoke musical content especially written for you. You will need your streaming device, phone, pc, mac etc, some headphones, sticks and a practice pad or kit. The masterclass will cover all standards from beginners to advanced players, or maybe just curious music fans. All are welcome and I am incredibly grateful for your support. I intend to work extremely hard to bring you a different and challenging masterclass most weekends that you can look forward to. There is also a community Facebook group set up for students here that is open to all participants with their password after your first class. A place to discuss the masterclasses, hang, network and share your progress with fellow members, its genuinely one of the nicest and respectful drum forums there is, fact....In masterclass terms, basically, It’s a strangely intense and fun environment where you’ll be pushed in real time with the challenges but you’ll have fun, I promise you that....


The cost of entry to each masterclass is £10.00 via the PayPal button at the top of this page.  You will then receive a confirmation email containing a web link and a password within 48 hours of your payment being received. Please make sure the email address in your PayPal is active to receive the access codes for the session

A percentage of all fees received will be donated to the NHS with immense gratitude for everything they are doing for us in the UK at the moment.

I MUST thank Roland, Sennheiser, Mapex and Paiste for providing these incredible tools currently that enable to enhance my creativity to piece together this unique concept during these challenging times.

If you’d like to join myself and many others this weekend and fancy a couple of hours of fun behind a kit or practice pad, no matter where you are in the world or where you see yourself on the playing spectrum, then please do come and check it out, I look forward to seeing you, please stay safe.



I'm using this technology stated above into my private tuition and taking bookings on the dates and timings below for all levels. The material is always a work in progress and not always a quick fix. I push my students pretty hard and set them material based on their long term goals. I also pride myself on great tea making skills but I'll write you an IOU for that until we're allowed in the same room..

If you would like to reserve a space then click the email below with a subject title "Private Tuition". When a space is fully reserved, it will be marked in the timings above, places will be on a first come first served basis.

Due to the current worldwide situation I have reduced my prices for 1-2-1 lessons to £40 per hour and £70 for a two hour lesson I have also changed my flexibility in my bookings allowing simply for an AM or PM. Thankfully I have some recording and programming commitments but I will work around you

To enquire or book a lesson please email




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