To The Bone Tour – DONE!


After 14 months, 145 concerts taking in over 30 countries and over 100 cities around the world we’ve landed back in the UK and it’s time to bid farewell to another tour with the incredible Steven Wilson

It’s been a huge honour to share the stage with SW, Nick, Alex and Adam night after night, great friends and insanely talented musicians that are at the very top of their game

Thank you to our incredible crew who went around the world many times on this tour and weren’t phased by a single thing, props especially to my own tech Karma Auger for being a true gentleman and utter perfectionist, (see my post this morning about him) it won’t be the last time we work together for sure

I must also give my huge gratitude to all my friends at the companies that have supported me once again on every single show on this tour and made sure my set ups are perfect around the globe

Mapex Drums USA Mapex Drums Paiste Cymbals Roland Aquarian Drumheads Vater Drumsticks SlapKlatz Sennheiser Protection Racket

Finally you guys, for your incredible support all over the world, for dragging us over the finish line when we were beyond exhausted especially the days when we were really running on empty, the kind words in person or on my social media channels, the smiles, the cheers and the wonderful reactions at every single show, you have been absolutely wonderful.

And so onto the next chapter, theres still a couple of weeks or so until my downtime, before that I’m back into “drum land without a band” with masterclasses and R&D projects, starting with an early flight to Japan tomorrow morning

A huge sincere ‘thank you’, I’ve thoroughly loved performing on this tour and your support has been so hugely appreciated, much love to you all

Playing shots and band portrait by Diana Seifert